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Growing business on your own can be very difficult without access to additional business funding.
Need extra cash, a new location, or the latest equipment for your business? Make your plans happen with competitive rates on term loans from!

We offer business and commercial loans secured with cash, inventory, equipment, securities, or real estate. Unsecured term loans are also available.

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Our best loan options offer a quick and simple solution to getting the funds you need, allowing you to spend more time for other business responsibilities. Many of our are business owners who have worked with us for many years. They appreciate our competitive rates and excellent service.

Our company has a dedicated and experienced team that specializes in small business loans, so you can always count on getting the best solution for your Chicago business.
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Our clients speak

Jess, age 35
There are no words in the English language to express my gratitude to your very well established funding process. Really, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to get away from the high interest rates and a fee for everything.
I had no idea today would be the day I would finally get a loan that really make sense to me. I just wanted to start my very own business and every bank rejected my application.

I was so depressed I couldn’t even sleep. And then my friend told me about Chicago Loans Fast and I visited their website. I filled online application and after few minutes I received approval! I have never been happier. Thank you so much Chicago Loans Fast! And I invite you to my brand new restaurant!
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Jason ,age 39
Growing business on your own it is a very difficult task without access to additional business funding. Thanks to Chicago Loans Fast business loans I have started my own business. Earlier I worked in a big corporation and I was so tired of suits and open spaces. I wanted to calm down and have some little store with what I like. Candles.
I always loved atmosphere which they made so I searched the Internet and I found Chicago Loans Fast. No paperwork and quick decision. They offered me convenient repayment terms, including fast online approval. I always know how much I have to pay, not like in those companies and corporations who likes to writhe a small print below and later says that I didn’t read what I sign. This is a different, honest company I can recommend.
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Jackie ,age 26
There are no lending company like Chicago Loans Fast. Fast service, fast approvals, and fast funding. When I thought of getting a loan for our small business, I was nervous it would be a painful process, but Chicago Loans Fast made it super easy.
It was the quickest process, and within 24 hours I was approved and done and could go back to running my business. Chicago Loans Fast really provides a great service for us in providing us with quick and easy financing that enables us to achieve many of our business goals. Thank you for that!
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Dean ,age 41
OI want to say 'Thank you all' as well. It was really nice to be able to do this loan process from my home. It’s a wonderful service that I hope you will continue to have available in the future as well. It really was an easy process that you offer.
I think that will put you ahead of the competition. Last year when I opened a second store I needed some funds to get us through the starting stages. I was very leery about these finance companies, but Chicago Loans Fast made it easy and the money was in my account in days.

Again Chicago Loans Fast was quick and easy, I would highly recommend this company to any small or large business looking for capital for any reason. I look forward to doing business with you again.
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Small Business Loan Can Help Your Business Grow

Growth can be one of the most difficult and rewarding parts of owing a business. If you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, smart business owners know that growth brings tremendous opportunities for profit. Take a look at each of the following pages for more information.

Small Business loans include assets such as: no prepayment fees, fixed interest rates, and fixed monthly payments. You will always know how much you have to pay. 

Fill the application! Our professionals are ready to answer any of your small business loan questions as well as help you begin the application process. Get the money you need today!
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Loan amount: $600
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Loan period: 28 days
daily payment$33per day
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