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Have you been accepted to the University you have always dreamed off? We can help you pay for your tuition. There are many different types of financial aid. Grants and loans are two of the most common ones. Our student loan is the best option! operates with simplicity, honesty, and transparency. We make the whole procedure easy to understand by giving you all the details you need upfront, before you have made your final choice.

Remember, we keep your personal information completely confidential.
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Pay For Your Education With Our Student Loan

How often did you wonder that you will not have enough money to pay for your education? And believe us, you are not the only one with this such a big problem. But, don’t worry anymore, because here we are! We want to make your dream about college degree come true.

Studying in other city or country is quite expensive, and many students struggle to fund their studies. Scholarships and grants are available, but they are very hard to get and rarely cover all your needs. A loan can cover up to all total cost of your studies.

Below you can find some important factors about our student loans that we encourage you to compare to other similar offers:
  • All our loans have no fees, guaranteed
  • Applying is via our easy to follow online application and delivers a decision in up to 60 minutes
  • Flexible overpayment plan allows you to pay more money each month if you wish, meaning you repay earlier and save money in interest
  • Online Customer Care provides you quick answers to any questions
  • We keep your personal information completely confidential

Student Loan Without Leaving The Comfort of Your Home

Every step of the process in completed online on this website, from the application process to a direct transfer of cash into your bank account. Start today! Same day approval, no credit check. You can get an instant decision on a loan without leaving the comfort of your own home. Online application form is straightforward and do not require pages of paper work to be filled in.

We make the whole procedure easy to understand by giving you all the details you need upfront, before you have made your final choice.

When it’s time to borrow for college, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit. Apply now and wait for a call, one of our friendly representatives will be in touch with you shortly. Your money is just a form away. Give it a shot now!
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Our clients speak

Samantha ,age 22
I knew about Chicago Loans Fast from my colleague. He is also a student and he also was in a situation like mine. I didn’t pass one of my exams and I badly needed some private lessons. Without it I was not be able to pass. And I didn’t want to talk with my parents about it.
I knew that they will give me the money but they also will be mad. So I checked Chicago Loans Today and filled an online application. The staff are helpful and friendly. The first person from customer service I talked with spent 10 minutes explaining their services and the process without pushing me to make a decision.

Also the refinancing process was very easy. Very great company to work with. So I truly recommend Chicago Loans Fast to any student who wants to get funds for education!
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Cory ,age 21
Got an excellent rate for refinancing of my student loans, and the process was very easy. Every customer service representative I interacted with was friendly, knowledgeable, and timely. I am very happy to have chosen this company for my refinancing!
The simplest refinancing process ever. Customer service was top notch. The completely digital experience was a relief. The representative explained everything in an excellent manner and seem willing to do whatever was necessary to help me. Really appreciate the help I received. This company is really great and trustworthy!
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Hunter ,age 22
When I applied to the University, I was not sure how I was going to pay my tuition. Fortunately, my best friend told me about the website and I learned that I was eligible for a student loan. It has been easy to work with Chicago Loans Fast.
They are great and they make everything so easy to get the funding you need. Very good service, great knowledge and easy to communicate with. My problem was resolved and I am very pleased with the manner in which it was handled. I want to thank all customer care representatives for your work! It makes for a much better experience.
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Veronica ,age 24
I was super impressed with Chicago Loans Fast. Can’t say enough about how fast and professional their service was. Every aspect of dealing with Chicago Loans is easy from their website to their online and over the phone customer service.
Add on to this that they saved me a large amount of money every month by giving me a great interest rate and you’ve got one satisfied customer. Would recommend to anyone. Chicago Loans Fast application process is streamlined, user-friendly and exceptionally easy. Don’t delay, get on board!
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Loan period: 28 days
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